International Development, Organization Design, Planning and Environment

Strategic planning for the development of a nation or a region, for the design or redesign of organizations of all kinds, and to implement physical and environmental programs, follows essentially the same procedure and shares common principles and elements.
  1. All work proceeds toward functional goals and is therefore a purposeful network of functional processes well suited to the teamwork approach.

  2. All projects or programs can be implemented most simply and economically by dealing separately with strategic and action elements. It is always the case that planning and forethought at the highest level and so on down to the details saves trouble later, but to be most effective, the various scales of planning can be separated.

  3. The use of appropriate experts who are the best in their fields can sometimes save considerable amounts of time and money, and always pays off in one way or another.
The above principles shape the philosophy and working methods of CMA, which have developed over the years and been successful in implementation.

In the design and re-engineering of organizations such as companies or government agencies, for example, CMA always keeps their ways of working in mind first and foremost, rather than following an organization chart approach from the beginning. The organization chart represents a control system, and systems of this kind must be designed appropriately to guide and control the functional process of the organization after its components have been developed in detail.

In particular, the development of a nation or a region is a complex process with many highly interactive activities. A holistic and more comprehensive approach to development programs is a specialty of CMA. In this time of great complexity, as a result of highly specialized training and professional knowledge and a greater use of more advanced technology, it is most important for us not only to keep the big picture in sight, but also to be influential in guiding its processes in more fruitful directions. CMA always keeps this goal in mind.

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