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Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design and Development

USA Federal Government
Kalihi-Palama Improvement Plan, Honolulu
Facilitated locally by the City and County of Honolulu, it was part of the unique national Model Cities Program run by local residents to implement social, economic and physical improvements in poor and multi-ethnic communities. Set up residents' decision-making and participation structure, and used a multidisciplinary planning advisory team to assist residents. The program was completely successful. All the plan elements recommended by the residents were implemented.

World Bank International Development Association (IDA)
Secondary Education Building Programme, Nigeria
Subconsulting to Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners. Projects for about 180 schools nationally, financed by an IDA 'soft loan', consisted of many additions and a few new schools. Established building design standards for thermal comfort by climatic design analysis, including thermal performance simulation, during the general standard setting phase, and designed a new kind of thermally heavy, structurally light roof for Northern Nigeria.

United Nations
Manual for the Thermal Design of Housing
Called 'Climate and the Design of Houses', it was researched and written by Carl Mahoney, edited by Koenigsberger and Evans, and published by the United Nations. It contained the first publication of the Mahoney Tables for the optimum thermal design of housing in all hot climates, which are now used widely in many countries.

Australian Federal Government
Ports and Urban Systems Study
In association with Rendel and Partners, Engineers. To advise the Federal Department of Transport on the social, economic, physical and environmental impacts of containerization on towns and cities.

State Government of Victoria, Australia
Lorne Foreshore Plan
To assist local government with the sensitive shoreline area development of a popular coastal tourist town together with advice on the management of impacts. Used a multidisciplinary planning and scientific team.

UK National Government
British High Commission Complex, Islamabad, Pakistan
For the Tropical Advisory Service of the AA. Detailed climatic design advice.

University of Bath, UK
University Central Facilities
Subconsulting to Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners. Climatic design advisory service.

Melbourne City Council, Victoria, Australia
City of Melbourne Strategy Plan
Member of the Interplan (International Planning Collaborative) consortium. In charge of social studies and physical planning components. Original planning for the Bourke Street Mall. Staff training for the augmentation of the Melbourne City Council Planning Department.

Papua New Guinea Government
Urban Plan for Umi, Morobe Province
Subconsulting to Ove Arup International. Physical planning and project management.

Papua New Guinea Government
Urban Plan for Lae
Subconsulting to Ove Arup International. Provided physical planning, social and environmental components.

Papua New Guinea Government
Urban Plan for Madang
Subconsulting to Ove Arup International. Provided physical planning, social and environmental components.

City of Knox, Melbourne, Australia
Knox Housing Study
Used multidisciplinary team for research, concept planning and standard setting for extensive new residential areas.

Individual Clients in Australia and USA
General Planning Work
Many routine and special local government applications and appeals.

Mahoney-Jones Joint Venture
Factory Units Development
Partner in the development of factory units in Sunshine, Melbourne, Australia.

Environmental and Social Planning and Impact Assessment

Papua New Guinea Government
Social Impact Assessment of the Bougainville Mining Project
Social impact study of the working and urban population and social infrastructure, including traditional land holding and land law implications.

Papua New Guinea Government
Ok Tedi Project Committee
Working papers on social and environmental impact for the Ok Tedi Project Committee, and membership of the Committee.

Ok Tedi Mining Corporation, Papua New Guinea
Guidelines Report on Social and Urban Development
Subsequent advice on the implementation of Papua New Guinea Government guidelines.

Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania, Australia
Anthony Power Development Environmental Plan
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Planning and project management of large multidisciplinary team consisting of scientists, engineers, government seconded officials and academics. This project featured extensive fieldwork and a unique collaboration with environmental NGO's: the Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation and Tasmanian Conservation Trust.

Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania, Australia
King River Power Station Environmental Design Guidelines
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Planning and project management of multidisciplinary team. Production of environmental design guidelines.

State Government of Tasmania, Australia
West Coast Region Bushfire Management Plan
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants as a corollary to the Anthony Power Development Environmental Plan. Coordinated and facilitated a workshop hosted by the Tasmanian Fire Service with the Hydro Electric Commission, mining companies, National Parks, University of Tasmania, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness Society. Became a historic project by bringing together for the first time the major players in a former very damaging conflict to work collaboratively for the same goal.

State Government of Tasmania
Global Search for World Heritage Consultant
Conducted for NSR Environmental Consultants.

Esso-BHP Consortium, Bass Strait, Australia
Bream Production Platform Environmental Report
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Produced a comprehensive environmental impact report as a Preliminary Environmental Report for the State Government of Victoria.

Esso-BHP Consortium, Bass Strait, Australia
Seahorse Subsea Completion
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Preliminary Environmental Report for the State Government of Victoria.

Huon Forest Products, Tasmania, Australia
Environmental Plan and Impact Statement
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Project management of environmental input and organization of material on invertebrate fauna for government hearings.

Tourism and Recreation

State Government of Hawaii, USA
Tourism Impact Plan
Social impact analysis of tourism in Hawaii for the Department of Planning and Economic Development, including guidelines for resort development as a result of the research work.

Australian Tourism Commission
Tourism Study
Prepared the first comprehensive tourism study for Ayers Rock in preparation for the Uluru Resort Project.

Australian Federal Government
Gippsland Pilot Leisure Study
A pilot study set in the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, to design a simple method of compiling a national inventory of recreational resources, facilities and activities. Used a multidisciplinary team ,including extensive fieldwork.

Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania, Australia
Anthony Power Development Tourism and Recreation Plan
Subconsulting to NSR Environmental Consultants. Designed as a component of the Anthony Power Development Environmental Plan, the future development of tourism and recreation was set in the environmental context of the general planning of the 30km x 20km project area.

Gippsland Lakes Resort Consortium
Roseneath Resort Project
Prepared comprehensive feasibility study and used multidisciplinary team for the physical and environmental planning of the sensitive development of a coastal area.

City of Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia
Sports Grounds Project
Location study for future sports grounds in the municipality.

International Resort Consortium, Fiji
Resort Feasibility Study
Economic and physical feasibility study for a resort hotel in Nadi, Fiji.

University of Hawaii, USA
Resort Development Course
Course for the School of Travel Industry Management on the incorporation and integration of social, physical and environmental factors in resort development.

Landscape Planning and Design

State Government of Victoria, Australia
Landscape Planning Guidelines for Lorne
A component of the Lorne Foreshore Plan, these guidelines were based on a visual analysis and psychological preference system.

Hepburn Shire Council, Victoria, Australia
Masterplan for the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Daylesford
This masterplan was based on the sensitive upgrading of facilities and landscape design of a well-known historic botanical gardens.

Rural City of Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Masterplan and Management Strategy for Green Hill Lake
A planning upgrade process for the municipal management of an artificial lake originally designed to provide recreation facilities for fishing, boating and wildlife observation. It included environmental and hydrological work.

Traffic and Transportation Planning

City of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Guidelines for Local Area Traffic Management
Interplan Consortium. Component of the City of Melbourne Strategy Plan in collaboration with Harold Murphy. These guidelines have been widely implemented in Melbourne suburbs.

State of Hawaii, USA
Transportation Advisory Work
Carl Mahoney was a member of the Department of Transportation's Citzens Advisory Committee, and a member of the Transportation Committee of the Oahu Development Association, a public interest business group.

Business Management and Information Technology

Australia Post
Business Systems Upgrade Studies
These included document and workflow studies for management areas, mail centres and post offices, research and recommendations on records management, and selection of imaging equipment for the Victoria/Tasmania State Office.

Australian Federal Government, Department of Defence
Australian Army Records Management and Imaging System
Design and implementation under tender of a computerized supply monitoring and records management system installed in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, including supply of hardware, in joint venture with Canon Australia. The design process started with a unique collaborative effort with senior Australian Army and Defence Department Personnel.

City of Greater Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia
Information Systems Upgrade
The re-engineering of information and records management systems, at a time when competitive tendering of departmental services was introduced, involved functional process analysis, interdepartmental workflow analysis and information systems architecture, including the recommendation of new imaging equipment and records management service design.

BP Australasia
Paper Use Reduction Program
This involved an inception report for a pilot study for the introduction of broader efforts to reduce the use of office paper by means of better use of systems and improved work practices.

Yellow Pages Australia
Contracts Records System
Australian Directory Services, who had the contract for the Yellow Pages, commissioned a method of capturing, storing and retrieving data on their advertising contracts.

ANZ Bank Cards Department
Records Management and Imaging System
Designed an economical method of dealing with all customer-related legal documents.

Beaurepaires for Tyres
Accounts Receivable System
This innovative system included the design of a general purpose database toolbox for broader use.

Nelson Bros Funeral Directors
Funeral and Mortuary Services Management System
Designed and implemented all aspects of the system.

Australian Systems Solutions
IS Control System
A workflow control system for software development, motivated by the anticipated Y2K (Year 2000) computer problem.

J & R Communications
Time Management Systems
Designed and implemented industrial time clocks and job costing systems procedures and software, including low level communications and equipment interface packages.

Renma Screens and Blinds
Inquiry and Dispatch System
A system to dispatch sales personnel and installation technicians to customers and to optimise their time management and turnaround speed.

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