Carl Mahoney was originally trained in architecture at the AA School
in London, and in planning, program and building design in developing
countries at the AA Department of Tropical Studies, later School of
Development Studies at the University of London. He was recruited
to the faculty of the University of Hawaii as Assistant Professor of
Architecture. While there, he undertook Ph.D. studies in Geography,
which included coursework in: In Hawaii, he was Head of the School of Tropical and Development Studies (affiliated with the East-West Center), Director of Indecon International Development Consultants, and was a founder member and Program Chairman of the Society for International Development (SID). He was a member of the Oahu Development Conference (ODC), a consultant to the Department of Planning and Economic Development, and a member of the State Department of Transportation's Citizens' Advisory Committee.

In his consulting practice, Carl has broad-based coordination, management and technical skills in the planning and design disciplines, in social sciences, environmental planning, information technology (IT), electronics engineering (which he studied in Australia) and in management and business consulting. He has led many multidisciplinary teams and has managed projects in the United States, Australia and the Pacific. He has also set up a number of public participation systems (including one micropolitical structure) in those areas. He has co-authored a book for the United Nations, and been a specialist team member of a World Bank International Development Association (IDA) consultant team to improve secondary education in Nigeria.

Carl was Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Building at the University of Technology in Papua New Guinea, where he lectured in Architecture and Building as well as in the Department of Accountancy and Business Studies, Department of Surveying and Department of Chemical Technology. He was team leader in a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental research program on rural development in a remote area, carried out social impact studies on the Bougainville mine and was a member of PNG Government committees related to the establishment and impacts of the Ok Tedi mine. He carried on his consulting practice in urban and regional planning throughout his 6-year academic contract in PNG.

Carl has an international reputation in the area of Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) and is well respected for his work on the Mahoney Tables for the United Nations, his pioneering work on the effects of combining thermal mass and insulation in building elements and the design of finite difference thermal simulation models for buildings. The Mahoney Tables are used in tertiary programs in countries throughout the world. He is currently writing a book outlining a holistic approach to the dynamic relationships of human, economic, technical and natural systems in world development, and is concerned to further the cause of sustainable development in as many ways as possible.

Carl has also been active in the areas of business process engineering, and has undertaken a number of challenging projects dealing with information systems, workflow planning, documentation and records management for prominent clients. Allied to this is his work in the IT industry. He has developed software in 18 high and low level computer languages, including embedded software for industrial microprocessors and digital signal processing (DSP). He has developed low level machine interface communications software, and in electronics engineering has had formal training in industrial microprocessor control systems, DSP and its associated analytical techniques, telecommunications techniques, radio frequency design, multi-channel microwave transmission and baseband systems, transmission lines, and the siting and design of microwave antennas. He has carried out extensive research in artificial intelligence and expert systems design.

His hobbies are aviation, amateur radio, world study (visited 40 countries), world affairs and reading, and he has learned French, Finnish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Papua New Guinea Pidgin.

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